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Cheap Car Insurance in West Virginia

Many consider shopping for car insurance a hassle, but getting cheap car insurance in West Virginia may be only a few clicks away. Drivers are encouraged to compare rates by using an online matching service, saving time and perhaps a good deal of money.

Every state has laws concerning auto insurance and what vehicle operators must include in their insurance package. The good news is, shopping for cheap car insurance in West Virginia has gotten easier in recent years by using online auto insurance matching services such as

Meeting Insurance Requirement In West Virginia

Liability insurance in West Virginia is compulsory, and when viewing quotes and protection limits, drivers who know what these requirements are will be able to understand the information given in a company’s free online quote.

In West Virginia, drivers must have liability protection designated as 20/40/10. In thousands of dollars these figures represent the minimum amount of protection required in the event the driver is the at-fault party in an accident. $20,000 of protection to cover the costs associated with an injury is reflected by the first figure, and $40,000 of coverage is needed to cover the costs of injury for all non-fault parties per accident.

In addition a minimum of $10,000 coverage is required to cover damages suffered to the non-fault vehicle or other personal property. This could be damage to their fence, mailbox, a parked vehicle or even a building. Although the figures given are the minimum amount of protection that must be carried, adding to this total often results in only a slight increase in policy costs while adding another layer of security in the event of a very costly accident.

Other Coverage Types In West Virginia

Uninsured motorist protection is required in the state and is automatically included in the policy when a West Virginia provider issues a quote or builds a protection policy for the consumer.

Personal injury protection is not required, but many drivers add this to their policy because the cost is minimal. When a new or used car is financed, the contract may stipulate that collision and comprehensive coverage by purchased in order to protect the value of the vehicle while the loan is in force.

If purchased separately, collision insurance can be somewhat costly but when combining it with a liability coverage all drivers will save money. This insurance will also include a comprehensive insurance protection in the event the vehicle is damaged due to “Acts of God” or theft. Damage by a falling tree or a break-n will be covered by comprehensive, minus any deductibles.

Choose From Multiple Insurers

The best way for West Virginia drivers to get the best deal on their insurance package is to compare free quotes from a number of different providers. This is easily accomplished when using an insurance matching service. Entering a few details about the vehicle to be insured, the age and residence of the driver and what the vehicle is used for is often enough to match the driver to an attractive insurance package with a surprisingly low price.

Find cheap car insurance in West Virginia in just minutes. Enter your zip code now and see exactly how much you can save on a simple liability policy, or full coverage for a new vehicle.

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