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Cheap Car Insurance in Washington State

In Washington, drivers must carry liability insurance and will often be asked to insure their financed vehicle with comprehensive and collision protection as well. The trick to finding cheap car insurance in Washington State is to compare quotes from a number of different providers and get the best combination of price and coverage.

Knowing what the minimum coverage amounts of liability protection is important, and if drivers are considering collision insurance for their auto, locating a company that gives a price break for multiple protections means reviewing a number of free quotes and choosing the best overall package. Cheap auto insurance in Washington State is often relatively easy to find, but having the proper information handy is key when conducting an online price search.

Required Auto Insurance in Washington

Safeco Field in Seattle

Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington

Liability insurance in Washington requires a minimum of protection coverage for a driver when he or she causes an accident and there is damage to another vehicle or property, or injuries to other parties. The minimum amount of liability insurance coverage that drivers must carry in Washington are represented by the numbers 25/50/10.

The first number represents the total of $25,000, and this is the minimum amount of coverage required to cover the costs of injury per person in the event of an accident. The second number means that $50,000 of protection is required to cover the injuries of all persons involved in an accident, and the third figure represents a total of $10,000 minimum coverage for damage to property or other vehicles.

Other Coverage Types

If purchasing a new car or financing a used vehicle the lender will probably require collision and comprehensive insurance to protect the vehicle, which is in a sense the collateral for the auto loan. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to the vehicle when no one can be faulted, or at least no party comes forth admitting the cause of the accident. Collision insurance will cover damage to the vehicle if the driver caused the accident.

Uninsured motorist protection is not required in the state of Washington, nor is personal injury protection or PIP. However most drivers who search for free online quotes are encouraged to see what the total costs of insurance premiums would be if these are included. Many insurance providers will insure a driver with these optional coverage programs for only a minimal increase in monthly costs.

Tips for Getting the Right Coverage

It is also worthwhile for drivers to compare the coverage offered and determine which amount of monthly payment best suits their budget. In many cases the down payment required to effect a policy is larger, but the subsequent monthly payments are lower, and the driver may actually save a substantial amount of money over the six or twelve month term of the policy.

When comparing insurance prices online, be sure to have all pertinent information handy regarding the car’s make and model, its mileage, in what zip code the car is parked at night and any information asked for about the driver(s). The more accurate the information the more reliable the quotes.

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Use to find cheap car insurance in Washington State. You can compare free quotes from a number of different providers. Examine their coverage amounts and determine which policy is correct for you. Start now by entering your zip code and see just how much money you can save on your policy!

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