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Cheap Car Insurance in Virginia

Shopping online for cheap car insurance in Virginia has never been easier. Using a online matching service, vehicle owners can compare the rates of numerous companies and select a policy that fits their needs.

When getting online quotes individuals have the choice of selecting a custom package and naming their deductible amounts, adding a second vehicle and even raising their liability coverage minimums. Before finalizing the policy, each section should be carefully reviewed to see what is being covered, how much the monthly premiums will be and the amount that is asked for as a down payment to activate the policy. R

Remember too that an insurance policy can be upgraded at any time and there is no requirement that a previous policy expire or be up for renewal before the individual switches to a new company that may save him or her money.

Virginia Auto Insurance Regulations

The Commonwealth of Virginia has laws regarding certain types of vehicle insurance, and those looking for cheap car insurance in Virginia need to understand what coverage is required. In addition, there are considerations for combining the mandatory liability insurance protection with other coverage in order to build a satisfactory policy without going over budget. Using the comparison sites will make the process much simpler.

Virginia requires that all drivers carry a minimum 25/50/20 liability protection. The numbers represent what must be included in the policy for the driver to legally operate a motor vehicle, and reflect the totals in thousands of dollars.

A minimum of $25,000 injury protection per person per accident is required, and at least $50,000 for all injured persons per accident must be included. Lastly, a minimum of $20,000 to cover vehicle and other property damage is also compulsory, as well as uninsured motorist protection.

Protect Against Uninsured Drivers

Based on data from the Insurance Research Council, about 1 in 10 Virginia drivers are uninsured and many more are underinsured. Fortunately, uninsured motorist protection coverage must be included with any auto insurance policy in Virginia.

In the event that a driver is injured or the vehicle damaged by another party, and the person at fault does not carry the required liability coverage, the policy will cover vehicle repairs or property damage as well as injuries to the person(s) not at fault. You can also opt for higher uninsured motorist coverage limits for more complete protection.

How to Get Free Quotes

At, you can compare insurance quotes from various providers. Insurance shoppers will have the opportunity to select other forms of protection as well, including comprehensive and collision protection, which may be required by a lender in the event the vehicle is being financed.

In order to get an accurate quote, you will need to provide some basic information such as age, gender, they type of vehicle and the location where the car is parked. The number miles driven per week can be estimated and entered in the appropriate field. Instant quotes from competing companies are displayed and contacting an agent of one of these providers may result in an even less expensive policy than what was given in the free quote.

So let’s get started searching for cheap car insurance in Virginia? Simply enter your zip code to get the policy that is perfect for your needs, and keep more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket while still protecting you, your family, and your vehicles.

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