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Cheap Car Insurance in Vermont

Vermont is a beautiful state with some of the best fall scenery in the world. But this isn’t the only thing the state has going for it. Vermont is home to some of the cheapest auto insurance rates in the nation. A 2011 study commissioned by found that a typical driver in Vermont paid $995 per year for auto insurance. This was the lowest rate in the nation and far below the national average of $1,561.

But cheap car insurance in Vermont isn’t always easy to find. Too many people rely on their local agent and accept their rate, not spending the time to shop around. At, we help drivers in The Green Mountain State get free quotes from leading insurers, compare rates, and save!

Minimum Vermont Car Insurance Requirements

All drivers must carry minimum liability coverage of insurance in the state of Vermont. The driver should have a minimum of $25,000 for death or personal insurance, $50,000 for death and injury of two or more people and up to $10,000 for property damage.

Drivers who do not want to be forced to buy insurance do have another option. The state allows drivers the option to self-insure, which required an approved application with the Vermont Commissioner of Motor Vehicles along with a surety bond or cash deposit of $115,000. This amount of money allows drivers to be in compliance with the mandatory financial responsibility limits. But who really wants to give the state this amount of money?

Vermont is NOT a No-Fault Insurance State

No. Vermont follows a Tort system, which means that if someone is involved in an accident someone must be found at fault to determine who will pay the damages. The person that is at fault will then handle the damages. As a Tort state, experts recommend that drivers carry higher coverage than the state minimums for more complete protection for themselves, their families, their vehicles, and other assets.

Failure to comply with auto insurance laws in Vermont can be stopped. If you are stopped by the police without proof of insurance, you could be fined up to $100 and accumulate two points on your driving record. After being stopped by the police, the driver must provide proof of financial responsibility to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. Your license may also be revoked if you do not have insurance during an accident or driving while intoxicated.

Auto Insurance Companies in Vermont

Cheap car insurance in Vermont may be found at companies such as: Allstate, State Farm, Hartford, Progressive, Geico, AIG, Nationwide, Safeco and Liberty Mutual, among others. These insurance companies may offer discounts for multiple policies, good student, accident free records and numerous other types of discounts available. Cheap insurance is a necessity for people that need to remain on a budget.

Personal credit history can be used in the state of Vermont as a determinant of car insurance rates in addition to age, gender, frequency of driving and where you live. Your personal credit history may also determine if you will be making quarterly or monthly payments. Some people may also be required pay the entire premium up front if they cannot meet the minimum requirements.

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