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Cheap Car Insurance in South Dakota

Despite it being a more rural state, finding cheap car insurance in South Dakota can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. No one has to settle for the first auto insurance quote given, nor do they have to check out the rates of each company individually.

One great way to find cheap car insurance in South Dakota, try using an online comparison site that will reveal multiple quotes and give you the tool you need to make an informed decision. At, our goal is to be your auto insurance solution.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in South Dakota

If you are a South Dakota driver, you will need to carry a liability policy that meets or exceed the state minimum of 25/50/25. This means the policy must provide at least $25,000 in injury protection for one person in an accident that is your fault, and a total of at least $50,000 for all persons injured in a single accident. There must also be a minimum of $25,000 coverage for damage you cause to another vehicle or personal property in a single accident where you are at fault.

South Dakota law also requires that you carry protection against damages caused by an uninsured driver. When you get an insurance quote, be sure this coverage is included in the quote.

Finding The Right Insurance Package

Depending on what car you drive, how far you drive it and your own driving record, insurance quotes can vary significantly. And if you need collision and comprehensive insurance in addition to the required liability coverage, an insurance matching site is the best place to build a custom insurance package. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the insurance requirements before choosing practical, cheap car insurance in South Dakota.

An online comparison site will also show you what you would pay for collision and comprehensive coverage for each company offering a price quote. If your car is financed and the lender asks that you carry this type of protection, you can choose varying amounts and deductibles, with a new set of quotes given for each set of information provided. The amount of deductible you choose is one of the single largest factors when insurance providers decide what your monthly premiums will be.

Often several different quotes will be similar, but the payment schedule could be quite different. Some companies will ask for a larger payment on the first month and then offer lower payments for the remainder of the policy term. Other companies might charge nothing up front except the first month’s premiums, but it might result in more money spent over a 6-month or 12-month period.

Save Time and Money

This is where the power of using a comparison service is at its strongest. You have the tool you need to review each quote carefully and even contact an agent or insurance company representative if you have further questions. Everyone knows their own budget and finding a monthly payment plan that is affordable yet provides full coverage is made simpler when receiving multiple quotes.

Obtaining cheap car insurance in South Dakota is easy at Let us scour the market for you and provide multiple quotes from leading carriers in the Mount Rushmore State. Enter your zip code now and get instant quotes for liability insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, collision insurance and more!

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