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Cheap Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

The State of Pennsylvania has different laws regarding car insurance than many of the other states. There are two different types of car insurance in the State of Pennsylvania. These are limited tort auto insurance and full tort auto insurance. Although it is possible to purchase cheap car insurance in Pennsylvania, it is best to have a good driving record.

If a driver purchases limited tort auto insurance, it will be less expensive, but he will be relinquishing his right to receive compensation for pain and suffering from an automobile accident. Limited tort auto insurance costs 15 percent less than full tort auto insurance. Most Pennsylvanians purchase limited tort auto insurance.

Negative factors such as at-fault accidents, points and citations will, at the very least, raise a driver’s car insurance rates significantly. Insurers may not sell a driver any coverage or may charge him a lot more money for insurance coverage, if his or hers driving record is poor.

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements

In the Keystone State, all drivers must carry auto insurance. The minimum requirements are:

  • $15,000 for bodily injury liability per person
  • $30,000 for bodily injury liability per accident
  • $5,000 property damage liability coverage

While these are minimum coverage levels, most driver should carry much higher optional amounts of coverage. The cost of medical bills, lost wages, vehicle repairs, and other damages can easily total hundreds of thousands of dollars in a serious injury accident.

Drivers who do not carry auto insurance face fines of at least $300, a three-month suspension of their vehicle, and three-month driver’s license suspension, and vehicle impoundment. Get free quotes below to compare rates from leading carriers.

The Differences Between Limited Tort and Full Tort Insurance

Limited tort auto insurance does not cover infants harmed in an automobile accident. The insurance carrier does, however, make exceptions to the no-cover rule on infants, depending upon the severity of the infant’s injuries sustained in the auto accident.

Full tort auto insurance pays a monetary award for pain and suffering from an auto accident. It also allows the policyholder unrestricted rights to file a lawsuit against the negligent party in a car accident.

In the State of Pennsylvania, it pays to get full tort auto insurance, even though it is 15 percent more expensive than limited tort auto insurance. But, by comparing rates from different insurance companies, and with a good driving record, drivers can find cheap car insurance in Pennsylvania.

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