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Cheap Car Insurance in Oregon

Getting cheap car insurance in Oregon doesn’t have to be complicated. Beyond just price, understanding what coverage is needed, company claim service, and their financial strength are all key factors in getting the best insurer for your needs and budget.

The cost of this auto insurance is dependent on several factors, the most important being the driving record of the individual combined with the type of vehicle being driven, as some models are known to be safer or at greater risk for theft than others. And the location of the driver’s residence and how far he or she drives per day is also key in determining the insurance rate.

Minimum Oregon Auto Insurance Requirements

Main Street in Beautiful Joseph, Oregon

Main Street in Beautiful Joseph, Oregon

In Oregon the minimum amounts of liability protection are are described as 25/50/20. The first number means that drivers must carry a policy that protects injured parties up to $25,000 per person. The second figure represents a total of $50,000 in injury protection for all persons combined, and the third number means that a minimum of $20,000 protection must be carried to cover property or vehicle damage caused.

In addition to liability coverage Oregon drivers must also carry uninsured motorist protection. This means that if they are injured or their vehicle suffers damage in an accident caused by someone else, and that party carries no liability insurance, the injured person(s) and the vehicle damage will be covered to some extent.

Drivers are encouraged not to skimp on coverage that can provide real protection, especially if the added programs do little to raise the cost of the monthly premiums. Cheap car insurance in Oregon doesn’t have to mean little or no protection.

Are Collision and Comprehensive Insurance Required?

Other forms of insurance protection in Oregon include personal injury coverage and comprehensive and collision insurance. The latter two are not required by law, but may be needed to satisfy the terms of vehicle finance.

When a car is purchased new or used and the vehicle is paid for by a finance company the resulting loan carried by the car owner will have a stipulation that includes providing damage protection. This is necessary to protect the value of the vehicle, which is the finance company’s collateral for extending credit. In most cases insurance companies will quote several different prices for this coverage depending on the amount of deductible included in the policy description.

In addition, lending institutions will also require vehicle owners to purchase gap coverage for the first few years of the loan. Gap covers the different between the value of the car and the amount of the loan in the event of a total loss collision or vehicle theft.

Combining compulsory coverage with collision, comprehensive, and gap insurance for the vehicle can also result in a very good discount.

How to Save on Oregon Auto Insurance

Finding cheap car insurance in Oregon is best achieved by getting a number of free online quotes. Studying the coverage amounts and the resulting monthly payments is the best way of determining which policy is most suitable, and doing the math individuals can compare between offers to see exactly what their premiums are truly worth in terms of overall protection.

Get started on finding that low cost protection policy for your automobile by entering your zip code on our site. You will be matched with leading insurers in Oregon that are willing to put together a custom plan just for you, at the lowest price available.

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