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Cheap Car Insurance in New Jersey

New Jersey drivers have some choices to make when shopping for auto insurance, but happily there are some Internet tools that make the process easy. Finding cheap car insurance in New Jersey is best accomplished when using a matching and comparison service that allows shoppers to receive multiple quotes, each with their own policy descriptions.

Drivers can enter their zip code and receive quotes on auto insurance for their particular state. Remember that the liability coverage requirements differ from one state to another, and in New Jersey there are some special regulations that must be complied with. When shopping for cheap car insurance in New Jersey, using a matching service that takes the state laws into account means the hard work is already accomplished.

New Jersey Minimum Auto Insurance

New Jersey drivers must carry a minimum amount of liability insurance as well as personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage. The matching site will return quotes from a number of different lenders who are licensed to do business in the state, and these quotes will already have the required insurance listed. Studying these results, drivers can either accept the figures given or try out different amounts of protection to see how this affects the cost of the policy.

In New Jersey drivers must carry liability insurance in the amounts designated as 15/30/5. At least $15,000 of injury protection for a non-fault individual must be carried, as well as $30,000 or more of injury protection for all persons injured in an accident caused by the policyholder. And a minimum of $5,000 must be included in the policy for damages to vehicles or other personal property.

Deciding Whether to Add Collision and Comprehensive

If the vehicle is worth less than several thousand dollars drivers may choose to reject offers for collision and comprehensive insurance, which cover damages to the vehicle caused by the driver or unidentified source.

But if the car is being financed or is worth more than several thousand dollars, adding these to the policy is recommended and indeed required by a lender who holds the vehicle title. Collision insurance becomes far less expensive for New Jersey drivers when combined with liability coverage.

Using the matching service, shoppers can not only compare quotes from different providers but also change the amount of collision and comprehensive insurance to see how the monthly premiums are affected. Changing the amount of the deductible is another important consideration, as a higher out-of-pocket expense at the car repair shop may be more than offset by the lower monthly premiums paid on such a policy.

Again, it is a matter of playing with the figures and making a final decision about how much should be spent on insurance premiums versus what will happen if the car is seriously damaged.

If you financed your vehicle, will likely require you to carry collision, comprehensive, and maybe gap insurance coverage as well as the required state coverage limits.

Get Free New Jersey Auto Insurance Quotes

Spending very little time, drivers can use these matching services to find the very best protection package for themselves and their vehicle. Cheap car insurance in New Jersey doesn’t necessarily mean settling for less protection than what is desired.

So why not get a quote right here!. Simply enter your zip code now to get quotes from leading insurers in the Garden State and find the best available coverage for your budget!

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