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Cheap Car Insurance in Nevada

When looking for car insurance, everyone wants a great policy at an affordable price. To find cheap car insurance in Nevada it is best to shop around first before the decision is made. Sit down and figure out what kind of coverage you are going to need for all your vehicle needs. That way you have an idea of the coverage you need before you purchase a policy.

Every state has different regulations and requirements that need to be filled by your insurance provider. The minimum requirements in Nevada are Bodily Injury Liability that equals to $15,000 per injured person but not exceeding a limit of $30,000. Also Property Damage Liability of $10,000 minimum is another requirement in Nevada.

Nevada Bodily Injury Liability

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What Bodily Injury Liability covers is the medical expenses that can occur from people involved in an accident. People covered are the driver, passengers, or even people in the other car. If a person A and person B are in an accident and its person A’s fault, and person A isn’t insured, then person B can make a claim for damages and medical expenses. The at-fault party’s insurers may pay damages up to the amount of the policy limits.

To better understand how much coverage you will need ask yourself these questions. Do I own my home? Am I in the lower income bracket? If you don’t own your home and your income is below the median, then chances are you can get by on the minimum state requirements. But if you a home or other assets then it is wise to add optional higher coverage limits.

If you are an upper income earner then you will want to take a good amount of Bodily Injury Liability insurance. Typically the more a person owns in both real estate and assets, the more they can stand to lose if adequate insurance isn’t taken out.

Property Damage Liability

When an accident is your fault and the other person’s car is damaged, that is where Property Damage Liability comes in. It pays for the other person’s car when the accident is ruled your fault.

In Nevada, Property Damage Liability minimum limits are rather y low. If an accident exceeds the amount of Property Damage insurance that you currently have, then anything beyond that may be difficult to recover.

While minimum insurance may equal cheap car insurance in Nevada, minimal isn’t always best. Always look at what you own and try to have enough insurance to protect it.

Nevada follows a system referred to as Tort. What this means is that a person has to be found at fault in the accident. The person that is at fault will be held responsible for any damages done to their own vehicle, the other car in the accident, and any person hurt because of the accident.

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