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Cheap Car Insurance in Missouri

The driver who carries proper insurance is not only following the law, but is also more financially responsible. Finding cheap car insurance in Missouri involves a bit of research and price comparisons, but using online matching services takes much of the guesswork out of the equation while saving considerable time for the vehicle owner.

Missouri law requires that everyone carry liability insurance when operating a motor vehicle. State law mandates that a certain amount of protection coverage be in force should a driver cause an accident resulting in personal injury and/or property damage. When looking at online insurance quotes for cheap car insurance in Missouri, consumers will be able to enter the amounts of coverage they want.

Missouri Minimum Limits

The minimum amount of liability coverage required in Missouri is abbreviated as 25/50/10. The first number represents $25,000, the amount required to cover expenses due to personal injury of a single non-fault individual.

The second number means that a total of $50,000 must be available as reimbursement for all injuries suffered by any number of people in an accident, and the third number represents the minimum amount of vehicle repair or property damage coverage to be included in the policy.

In addition to the standard minimum liability figures mentioned above, Missouri drivers must also carry uninsured motorist protection, which will cover the costs of vehicle repair and medical expenses due to injury when the policyholder is involved in an accident caused by an uninsured motorist.

Other Types of Coverage

Personal injury protection is not required but is strongly recommended, as this will cover medical expenses regardless of who is at fault. The greatest savings come when other insurance protection such as collision and comprehensive insurance is combined with liability coverage to create an overall package.

This depends on the type of vehicle being insured, the driving record of the individual, and where and how often the vehicle is driven. Collision insurance will protect the car’s value because it can either be used to pay for repairs or to pay off the vehicle if the repairs are too costly. Lenders will want drivers to carry this insurance if the vehicle is being financed.

Comprehensive insurance is normally included with the collision provision. This will satisfy the lender as to the car’s condition if damaged in an unusual way, such as a falling tree. Again, the car will be repaired or the loan paid off, therefore having this insurance is of great value if the title to the vehicle is held by someone else, such as a bank.

Choosing Coverage

Consumers will have to decide how much liability insurance they want to carry, because the minimum required is often not enough to cover all injuries. And the deductible amounts on collision insurance affect the actual price to a great degree.

By choosing different policy coverage types, online insurance shoppers can get a very good idea of what any type of policy will cost and these quotes can be compared for a number of providers.

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