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Cheap Car Insurance in Mississippi

Auto insurance can be a real barrier for many Mississippians. Based on a 2011 study published by, the average Mississippi driver pays $1,896 per year for auto insurance. This is $335 more than the national average.

So if you live in the Magnolia State, it important to take the time to find cheap car insurance in Mississippi. By getting free quotes on our website, could save a bundle, while still providing full protection for your vehicle, yourself, and your family.

Different states have their own laws concerning what auto insurance is compulsory, but when you shop online the hard part is done for you. Finding cheap auto insurance in Mississippi involves just a few steps, but knowing what the shopping results tell you means understanding what the regulations are.

Mississippi Insurance Laws

Mississippi law requires you to carry a minimum of $25,000 in injury protection for those involved in an accident caused by you. The policy also must carry $50,000 in protection for the total injuries suffered by more than one person, and a minimum of $25,000 protection against damage to other vehicles and personal property. When reviewing your quote you may see the numbers 25/50/25, and this represents the minimum amount of liability coverage stated above.

Of course you can choose a higher level of protection if you so desire; the figures given here may not be considered enough by many individuals. The ability to change the amounts online is a valuable tool when using the comparison sites, and you can add optional coverage such as uninsured motorist protection and personal injury protection while building your policy.

Combining Liability With Other Protection

Auto insurance offers much more than liability coverage. One of the best features of using the online comparison sites is that you have the ability to check out varying coverage options and alter the package any way you like. When you receive a basic quote for liability, you can still add other coverage types to the policy, making online shopping a good starting point for figuring overall costs of a more complete coverage policy.

Collision insurance is not required on a vehicle that is owned outright, but if there is financing on a new or late model used car, this coverage may be required by the lender.

Collision insurance quotes may be for a specific deductible amount but you can choose a higher deductible and save a little money. Comprehensive coverage is similar but protects your vehicle against damage caused by events other than a collision such as theft or weather damage.

And often adding the optional PIP or personal injury protection will not increase your monthly premiums by a significant amount. Many insurance providers will also allow you to choose from several payment plans; you can pay more up front and actually save on the total cost over a period of six months or a year.

Compare Rates and Save

Why settle for the first quote that you get when you have the ability to shop online and compare offers from many companies at once? If you truly want to find cheap car insurance in Mississippi, take the time to get free quotes by entering your zip code on our site now. You may be surprised at how much you can save against your existing policy, whether it be simple liability protection or more complete coverage.

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