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Cheap Car Insurance in Minnesota

By law, Minnesota drivers must carry insurance but insurance shopping can seem like a dreaded undertaking. However, getting cheap car insurance in Minnesota is made easy by comparing rates from major providers and promptly receiving online quotes. allows you to compare rates from leading insurers in the North Star State. You can compare rates, coverage, and lock in your lowest rate.

Minnesota Liability Insurance Laws

All drivers of passenger vehicles in Minnesota must be carrying the minimum amount of liability insurance required by state law. This means that you must have coverage of at least $30,000 in coverage for injuries sustained by an individual, $60,000 or more to cover injury costs of all persons in a single accident and at least $10,000 in property damage protection. In addition, to the standard liability minimums, drivers in Minnesota must also have personal injury protection and uninsured motorist protection.

Minnesota is a no-fault state, meaning that auto insurance policies must pay for medical bills for both driver and passengers when there is an accident. This applies regardless of who is at fault in a motor vehicle accident.

Uninsured motorist protection covers your own vehicle and injuries to yourself and passengers if you are involved in an accident and if the person responsible – unless it is you – is not carrying the required liability insurance policy.

Getting the Right Amount of Coverage

Drivers can change the amount of liability coverage they want so long as it meets or exceeds the state minimum. And in addition to liability coverage, which will automatically include PIP and uninsured motorist coverage, you can add collision and comprehensive insurance. This is one of the exciting aspects of online policy quotes because you will see firsthand how adding these valuable types of coverage may actually increase the amount of premiums by only a small percentage.

Choose various deductible amounts, add an extra driver or even a second car. The possibilities are nearly endless and the entire procedure can be repeated with different coverage amounts for both liability and collision insurance. In the end, those who use a matching site to find the best auto insurance rates are more likely to save money over those who take the first offer.

What You Need to Get Quotes

You will find that the free quotes given are somewhat general in regards to the coverage listed, but you can alter the results merely by inputting additional information about the vehicle, its purpose, your age and your driving record. The actual price for the coverage will depend on the amount of liability, collision and comprehensive insurance, and other optional protections you select.

You will find that cheap car insurance in Minnesota doesn’t mean losing out on valuable protection. It is just a matter of comparing prices and deciding which policy is best for both you and your vehicle. Enter your zip code now and see how easy it is to save.

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