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Cheap Car Insurance in Maryland

At, we aim to make finding cheap car insurance in Maryland easy. By entering your zip code on our site, you can compare rates offered by different providers and look at the actual numbers regarding coverage limits and costs of adding optional protections.

When you insure a vehicle, you protect it against damage as well as covering the costs of injuries to others. Vehicle owners will need to think about the coverage that is mandatory and build a personalized policy that is affordable yet covers all types of accidents.

Maryland Insurance Requirements

Starting with liability coverage, choosing an appropriate amount of protection means doing a bit of thinking about what kind of costs may present themselves if there is an at-fault incident. Maryland law requires that drivers carry insurance that provides at least $30,000 to cover injuries suffered by an innocent victim, and $60,000 of coverage to reimburse all injury-related costs per accident. This minimum coverage will also provide $15,000 or more to be used to cover property or vehicle damage if the policyholder is found to be at fault.

In addition to the liability insurance rules stated, Maryland drivers should remember that their policy must contain uninsured motorist protection. This protection providers coverage in the event the driver at fault in the accident does not insurance or does not have enough insurance. This rarely adds much to the cost of the policy and is automatically figured by insurance quotes for Maryland residents.

Drivers in Maryland must also carry personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. PIP pays for medical bills, lost wages, and other economic damages in a collision, regardless of who is at fault for both driver and passengers.

Other Coverage Types

Vehicle owners are strongly urged to combine full comprehensive and collision insurance on the vehicle. Comprehensive and collision are separate coverage. Comprehensive covers any damage (or theft) to a vehicle not caused by a collision whereas collision provides property damage coverage in a crash regardless of who is at fault.

A policy that combines multiple insurance types will be far less expensive than taking out the coverage independently. Damage to a vehicle that is caused by the driver is covered by collision insurance, and depending on the deductible chosen the cost can vary somewhat. And depending on what information is asked for when getting free online quotes, the final price may go up or down, in part because of the driving record of the individual.

Consumers in Maryland have the luxury of building a policy from scratch, comparing rates, down payment amounts and what cost increase results from adding additional protection. By doing a bit of math, drivers can quickly decide what balance must be reached to obtain the fullest coverage possible while at the same time saving money over competing provider offers.

Find Affordable Maryland Auto Insurance

Finding cheap car insurance in Maryland is important. According to a 2011 study published by, the average Maryland driver paid $1,807 for auto insurance. Maryland was one of the top 10 most expensive states in the country in the study.

On our website, you can take a moment to compare quotes from major insurance providers and get started on the path to affordable auto insurance in Maryland. Enter your zip code now and find out just how much can be saved not only on required liability insurance but also more complete protection.

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