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Cheap Car Insurance in Kentucky

Drivers in Kentucky want the lowest cost insurance rates possible without having to skimp on coverage. Most will be able to get cheap car insurance in Kentucky by going online and comparing rates by many different lenders, choosing a policy that is affordable and at the same time meeting requirements outlined in state law.

How much is paid for auto insurance depends on a number of factors including the type of vehicle, where the driver resides and his or her coverage history. Finding cheap car insurance in Kentucky is best done by letting a matching service take this basic information and linking it to providers who offer policies to Kentucky drivers. The state laws regarding insurance coverage also determine the final premium costs.

Minimum Kentucky Limits

Liability insurance is required in Kentucky, and drivers receiving free online quotes will have the opportunity to accept the minimum protection amounts or choose a higher level of coverage.

Kentucky mandates a 25/50/10 combination of liability protection, with the first figure representing the injury protection required in thousands of dollars. The second figure means that $50,000 must be included to cover the total number of persons injured in a vehicle accident, and the third figure represents a minimum of $10,000 coverage against property or vehicle damage to innocent parties.

Those looking at detailed insurance quotes will notice that Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, is included for Kentucky residents. This coverage is intended to cover medical bills, lost wages, and other economic damages for the driver and passengers regardless of who is at fault. Kentucky is a no-fault state, meaning that the policy must cover these expenses in the event of injuries suffered in a vehicle-related accident.

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

Drivers should know what coverage they desire in addition to the required protections, and whether they will need collision and comprehensive insurance. Collision insurance may be required by a lender when a vehicle is financed, and comprehensive insurance pays against damages to vehicles caused by weather, falling objects, hit-and-run drivers and unavoidable water damage. The costs can vary immensely depending on what level of protection is deemed important.

Collision insurance requires the policyholder to choose a deductible amount, which is what the vehicle owner must pay before the claim is honored. When comparing insurance quotes online drivers can play with the numbers and see what happens when a different deductible amount is entered.

Often the cost of a policy is only a few more dollars each month when a lower deductible is requested, and drivers should also look at the insurance provider’s regulations concerning safe driver rewards.

Get the Policy that Fits Your Needs and Budget

Once a suitable quote is received, insurance shoppers should look carefully at the size of the down payment, the amounts of protection and whether all optional coverage is included. Many times the cost will not increase that much if the individual has been classified as a safe driver.

If you live in the Bluegrass State and need affordable insurance, use our website as convenient matching service to locate cheap car insurance in Kentucky. Enter your zip code now and start receiving free quotes from providers, both for simple liability coverage to more complex protection packages.

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