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Cheap Car Insurance in Iowa

Drivers looking for cheap car insurance in Iowa will find the Internet is a great place to start. Insurance matching sites allow shoppers to receive multiple quotes from competing companies and reduces the need to take lengthy amounts of time to scour the marketplace.

The good news for Iowa drivers is that auto insurance rates tend to be less expensive than in other states. According to a 2011 study published by, Iowa had the 8th lowest insurance rate among the 50 states.

Know Your Insurance Needs

When trying to locate cheap car insurance in Iowa, remember that the state has certain minimum requirements pertaining to liability coverage. Before you purchase insurance, know beforehand the amount of coverage you need. In addition, cars that are being financed may have a collision and comprehensive stipulation attached to the loan agreement.

Why Insurance Rates Vary So Much

When you shop online for auto insurance, drivers will be asked to enter some very general information. The insurance companies use this as a starting point for placing drivers and their vehicles in a category.

Insurance companies are interested in the location where the vehicle is parked at night, and also what safety equipment is installed. They will also check the insurance history of the driver to see if there have been multiple lapses between coverage. This information is used not only to calculate the cost of liability insurance, but also comprehensive/collision coverage and any optional protection the driver chooses.

Liability Requirements In Iowa

The state of Iowa requires drivers to carry a minimum 20/40/15 liability coverage package. This means that $20,000 in coverage is required for every person injured in an accident caused by the policyholder, $40,000 total injury coverage for each accident and $15,000 protection against damage to vehicles or property for each accident.

Most drivers should carry more than this minimum amount, as the additional costs in monthly premiums is often nominal, and the coverage can really make a big difference in the event of a serious injury or high damage accident.

Other Coverage Types

Drivers will also save money if they combine the required liability coverage with collision and comprehensive protection, required by most lenders who finance a vehicle. The deductibles vary from one provider to another, and drivers are encouraged to look at the quotes carefully from a number of insurance companies before making a final decision.

A $250 deductible means the driver pays only for the first $250 of a repair to the vehicle, but this coverage may cost only a few more dollars per month than a policy that includes a deductible twice this amount.

Drivers are also encouraged to see what their quote is when optional protection is included, such as uninsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection. Neither of these are required in Iowa, but offer greater security at a minimal cost increase of the policy.

How to Save

Insurance rates vary considerably by company and dictated by a variety of factors. That is why it is important to shop on a regular basis. There is no penalty for changing your policy.

On our website, you can check out quotes from numerous providers in one easy step. Find cheap car insurance in Iowa by entering your zip code and get matched with a provider that has all the protection services you desire, at a monthly premium cost you can afford.

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