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Cheap Car Insurance in Indiana

If you live in the Hoosier State and are shopping for auto insurance, you can find exactly what you need at a price you can afford, without ever leaving home. Obtaining cheap car insurance in Indiana is a simple matter of comparing rates from multiple insurers and finding the best combination of price and coverage.

Before looking at online quotes, remember that these reflect certain types of policies that are written in the state where you live. The requirements for auto insurance coverage differs from one state to another, and finding cheap car insurance in Indiana begins with building a policy that includes any coverage that is compulsory.

What Coverage is Required in Indiana?

Liability insurance is required for all who operate a motor vehicle in the Hoosier State. Drivers must have at least $25,000 of coverage to reimburse each individual who is injured in an accident caused by you. The policy must also include coverage for at least $50,000 for injuries suffered by all people in such an accident, and a minimum of $10,000 of coverage for property and vehicle damage suffered by non-fault parties.

State law in Indiana does not require the driver to carry uninsured motorist protection as part of his or her policy. But you may want to consider this coverage because it can come in handy should your vehicle be damaged or you suffer injury in an accident caused by someone who is not protected by the compulsory liability insurance or does not have enough insurance. You would of course be able to sue the other party, but there is no guarantee you would ever collect any damages.

Do You Need Collision Insurance In Indiana?

You will be required to carry this insurance if you are buying a new car or valuable used vehicle and it is being financed. The lender will ask for proof that you have insurance covering damages to the vehicle while the finance company still holds title to it. Choosing the right amount of coverage depends on the loan amount and the deductible attached to the policy.

Most insurance companies will charge a deductible in the event of a claim filed. If your car is damaged and you are at fault, you can have the repair shop collect from the insurance company only after you have paid a deductible. This can range from about $250 to over $750, but in most cases carrying the smallest amount costs only a few dollars more per month in insurance premiums.

Your lender may similarly require you to carry comprehensive coverage, which applies when the car is damaged (or stolen) for reasons other than a collision.

How to Compare Rates

On our website, you have the opportunity to compare not only liability insurance prices and the cost of adding collision insurance, you can adjust your coverage minimums and see what the costs of different packages are. This is the easiest way to find cheap car insurance in Indiana, and takes only minutes.

Want the least expensive price and the fullest amount of protection? Enter your zip code now and get free quotes from leading Indiana insurers.

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