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Cheap Car Insurance in Illinois

Using comparison websites to find cheap car insurance in Illinois can make a lot of sense. It saves time and could save you hundreds of dollars off your current rates. But before you start shopping, you need to know the amount and types of coverage you need and do research on insurance companies’ claims service.

Required Illinois Auto Insurance

In Illinois, drivers are required to carry liability coverage that meets or exceeds the 20/40/15 ratio. This means that coverage that totals at least $20,000 for injury to any one individual, $40,000 to cover all injuries and $15,000 to cover property and vehicle damage of non-fault parties is required. Many will want to carry protection that exceeds the state minimum for liability coverage.

In addition to liability protection, Illinois law also mandates the carrying of uninsured motorist protection. This will cover damage or injury suffered by a driver and his or her vehicle where an uninsured party is at fault. Shoppers wanting the best deal on combined coverage should also look at the costs when comprehensive and collision insurance are added.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

This insurance is not required by state law, but lenders who advance money for a car purchase and agree to a loan contract with an individual will require the owner to provide proof that this insurance is in force. In the event of severe vehicle damage the lender will want repair costs covered, otherwise the vehicle is of no value to the lending company, and if the owner defaults on payments there would be no way for the finance company to recoup its losses.

Lenders may also required Comprehensive coverage. This is basically when a car is damaged (or stolen) for any reason other than a collision. This may include floods, an object falling on top of a vehicle, and weather related damage.

When shopping online for insurance quotes, keep in mind that the required liability coverage is often the most expensive part of the package, and adding collision insurance as well as personal injury protection often results in a total coverage package that is still very affordable. The key to finding the best insurance rates is to compare free quotes from a number of competing companies.

How to Save

Using a convenient insurance matching service can help you cut costs. By entering a few details about the driver and the vehicle being insured, coverage providers can offer instant online quotes and will often show a variety of packages that include optional protection for the driver.

Many of these companies will also have available more than just one payment plan, and drivers should look carefully at the total costs for a 6-12 month policy, see how much is being asked for in order to put the policy in force and what the monthly premiums for each package investigated will actually be.

Compare Rates and Save

Finding cheap car insurance in Illinois doesn’t mean drivers must carry only the minimum liability coverage amounts, nor does it require leaving out optional protection. It may take time, but finding the lowest cost policy that offers the greatest protection in the event of the unthinkable is worth investigating to the fullest.

Enter your zip code now and start the process of locating the custom tailored insurance package that is right for you. You could even save hundreds off your current rates.

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