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Cheap Car Insurance in Idaho

Idaho is a beautiful state. From the lava caves of the south, to the might Snake River and Hells Canyon, to the beautiful lakes and mountain in the panhandle, Idaho drivers have plenty of reasons to put on a lot of miles on their car.

But Idaho drivers want to save money when insuring their vehicle. At that is our primary goal. We want to provide our customers a forum to obtain cheap car insurance in Idaho without having to compromise on coverage and claims service. We have partnered with leading companies in the Gem State who compete for your business. You can compare free quotes, get the coverage you need, and lock in the lowest rate.

What Insurance Is Required In Idaho?

Looking north up Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon on the Idaho-Oregon Border

Idaho state law requires that drivers carry liability insurance when operating their vehicle. This coverage protects them if they cause an accident that involves personal injuries to an innocent party or damage to their vehicle.

Any liability policy in Idaho for owners of a passenger vehicle must provide at least $25,000 to cover injuries to an innocent person in an accident caused by the policyholder. A total of $50,000 for injury reimbursement for all persons in an accident must also be included, and a minimum of $15,000 for the damage to vehicles or other property is required.

Optional Coverage

Uninsured/Underinsured motorist protection and personal injury protection is not required in the state of Idaho, however drivers are encouraged to add this important coverage.

Many drivers wonder if collision insurance is required in Idaho. By law it is not but if a car is financed the lender may require the borrower to carry collision insurance to cover damages to the vehicle caused by the owner or others while driving it. The car has in a sense been paid for by the lender, who will want to make sure repair costs are covered while the loan is in effect.

Insurance shoppers can still select the insurance company of their choice but will need to show proof of insurance coverage. The lender may also set the amount of the deductible on the coverage, which is the price paid out of pocket before the collision insurance claim is paid.

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Want to find cheap car insurance in Idaho and save the time of various calls to providers or local agents? On our site, you can compare rates from leading insurers in the Gem State in the comfort of your home or office of mobile device. Simply enter your zip code now and you can receive free quotes on a money-saving auto policy.

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