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Cheap Car Insurance in Florida

Sun, sand, palm trees, islands, sub-tropical water – Florida is a great place to drive. But drivers in the Sunshine State are required by law to carry auto insurance. The good news for drivers is that finding cheap car insurance in Florida is easy. While it can be difficult to sort through all the companies advertising savings of over $500, it just takes a little time and diligence to get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Minimum Florida Liability Limits

Bodily injury liability is required in Florida, but experts recommend that all drivers obtain this insurance for their benefit. Bodily injury liability is sold as a split limit between $10,000/20,000. A maximum of $10,000 will be paid to a single person in an accident and up to $20,000 for an entire accident will be paid with a minimum limits policy.

Florida requires at least $10,000 in property damage liability insurance. If the driver damages someone else’s property with their car, the insurance will cover the damage to the property. The insurance will not cover the cost of repairing your own vehicle, but it will cover other vehicles, fences and mailboxes.

Minimum limits are a very low amount of coverage. Most drivers should opt for higher limits to ensure their assets are protected in the event of a serious injury accident. Carrying inadequate insurance can lead to financial ruin when serious injuries and damages are involved.

No-Fault Coverage Requirement

Florida is among the states that use no-fault as a form of insurance mediation or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Florida requires that users have at least $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection. If the driver is involved in an accident, the coverage will cover the medical care of the passengers and the driver.

Florida is well known for having hurricanes and the tremendous damage they can incur. Hurricane damage would typically be covered under comprehensive coverage provision on a policy. This coverage is not required unless your lending institution requires it, but it is wise to carry it unless your car is very old.

Collision coverage comes into play when the car is damaged by other vehicles or objects, but not “Acts of God” such as a hurricane. Collision coverage is recommended if the driver has a new or expensive vehicle.

Florida Auto Insurance Rates

The good news for Florida drivers is that based on a study published by, they pay less than the average American driver for auto insurance. Florida drivers pay $1,476, as compared to the national average of $1,561. This makes getting cheap car insurance in Florida more attainable.

However, insurance costs can vary considerably depending on your age, your driving record, where you live, and other factors. Consumers are recommended to perform comparison shop for auto insurance to find the best rates available without compromising on service. Florida drivers can also save by looking for discounts such as have multiple insurance policies with the same company.

Consumers may lower their insurance by obtaining a higher deductible, purchasing safety devices for their vehicle, obtaining a good student discount or by taking a defensive driving course.

If you fail to carry auto insurance in Florida, the DMV may intervene. Fines may be assessed to the owner or driver of the vehicle if the insurance is not maintained according to the law. Always ensure that you have car insurance is in effect to avoid any problems with the DMV. The fines are hefty in many instances.

How to Find Savings

There are numerous insurance companies online that will provide cheap auto insurance in Florida. On our website, you can compare rates from leading insurers in the Sunshine State. Simply enter your zip code to get free quotes.

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