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Cheap Car Insurance in California

To find cheap car insurance in California, it is a good idea for California drivers to use online comparison sites as a tool in determining the policy that best fits their budget, driving habits and vehicle type. Understanding the state laws regarding minimum coverage requirements is also important.

Minimum California Liability Limits

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In California, state law requires auto liability insurance for all drivers. Drivers must carry proof of this coverage when operating a motor vehicle, showing that they are financially responsible in the event of an accident where they are deemed to be at fault.

Liability insurance is defined as coverage that is used to reimburse the injured party. The common method used to describe the coverage limits breaks the policy definitions into three sections. The first section defines the total amount of coverage per person where injury is concerned, the second section describes the total injury protection per accident, and the third reveals the total amount of coverage per accident with regards to property damage.

Get the Coverage You Need

Typically these sections are summarized by three sets of numbers, divided by slashes. In the state of California the law requires minimum liability coverage in the amounts of 15/30/5. This means that drivers must have a policy in force that covers an injured individual for up to $15,000, will cover a total of $30,000 in costs due to injury per accident, and will cover $5,000 in property damage.

It is often recommended that a driver carry more than the minimum amount of liability insurance in California. Usually this does not raise the monthly premium amount significantly, but offers the driver extra protection if an accident result in injuries to several people.

For example, if three people are injured in an accident and each is entitled to $15,000 in damages, the driver can be sued if he or she does not pay each driver the full lawfully entitled to damages. With a minimum limits policy, the insurance company would only cover $15,000 total in bodily injury damage leaving the driver responsible for the remaining $30,000.

What You Need to Buy Cheap California Auto Insurance

Having a clean driving record and driving an older car are key to getting low cost auto insurance. Another tip to keep in mind when shopping is that it is important to get rates from multiple reputable companies. It is also important to input accurate information about the vehicle make and model, its VIN if known, where the car is parked at night and the age of the driver.

Insurance costs are figured using a number of different statistics, and locating the best possible coverage package involves detailed accurate information not only about the vehicle but also the person carrying the policy.

Other Potential Coverage Requirements

Remember that if the car is being financed the lender will likely require comprehensive and collision insurance as well. This protects the investment as far as the lender is concerned, in the event of damage to the car, which could be quite costly to repair. If a vehicle is damaged beyond repair, the lender cannot use it as collateral for the loan, therefore combining liability coverage with a collision and comprehensive insurance policy is highly recommended.

Your lender may also require you to carry gap insurance. Gap insurance covers the difference between the amount your car is worth and the amount of the loan, in the event of a total loss accident. This coverage may only be needed for the first few years of vehicle ownership.

Comparison Shop and Save

Regardless of age, gender, income or vehicle type, finding cheap car insurance in California becomes much easier when comparing the rates of a number of different companies.

On our website, you can compare rates from leading insurers in the Golden State. Enter your zip code to get free quotes and choose the package that is right for you.

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